At least they won't see me cry.

You found Me!
Do you feel the same way I do?

Now you know you're not alone. Let me know I'm not alone.
Tell me your experience, send me a picture of the sculpture you found. Let others know they aren't alone either.

Please share your stories about feeling the same way. Also, let me know which one you found (they have an edition number on them) and where you found it.

Feel free to comment anonymously.

Name, email, etc are not required.

4 Comments for At least they won’t see me cry.


Please share your story so no one has to feel alone.

I hate that I cry when I am mad. It makes me seem weak and over emotional when I think it is just a response to adrenaline.

I psyche my self out, or its adhd… I can’t seem to get things done, and when I don’t I get mad and depressed. When I do I can’t seem to keep the train rolling.

Found A005 at Tbell/Pizza Hut in Fremont
I love this project it’s very inspirational I’m going to hide it where I’m sure people will need it

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