YAAW 2017

Young Artists at Work 2017
Young Artists at Work (YAAW) is a program is a 6-week paid summer apprenticeship program that employs more than 40 high school aged youths each summer to create both individual and community artworks. I had the privilege of being hired as an instructor for one team of 15 apprentices in this year’s program. In the short 6 weeks we completed a variety of individual works as well as two large community installations. The apprentices worked with a variety of techniques and materials that most of them had never worked with before.

Lucas County Job and Family Services Lobby
• A 32’ community themed mural
• Children’s reading area with wall mounted cast 3D relief sculptures

Lucas County Child Support Enforcement Agency
• Child themed cast 3D relief wall installation for the waiting area
• A series of nature and Toledo themed photography for the office hallways

Individual artwork projects
• Handmade Coptic bound sketchbooks.
• First memory cigar box silhouette narratives. The apprentices were asked to create cut paper silhouette narratives based on one of their earlies memories. Emphasis was placed on line, shape, and depth. At least 3 depth layers were required.
• Cold connection pendants. Utilizing basic sawing, filing, and riveting techniques.
• Cast cement pendants

Techniques Covered
• Relief Sculpture using oil clay
• 1 part silicone mold making
• Mixing plaster and making mother molds
• Two-part urethane plastic casting
• Mixing colors and painting 3-dimensional forms
• Photography
• Book binding
• Paper cutting techniques
• Mural creation
• Using basic construction tools. Files, hand saws, Jig saws
• Metal sawing
• Basic wire rivets